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What Makes Topsoil?

What exactly is Topsoil? Its the top most layer of the ground and if treated properly is home to thousands of organisms and composted nutrients. Typically, topsoil is made up of particles of Sand, Silt and Clay. Topsoil has no structural properties so its not a good material to build roads or foundations on, but topsoil contains the nutrients of life that are essential to successful plant growth. Most importantly, topsoil can hold water. If the ground you’re working on is too hard or too dry, its a good possibility that your soil needs to be amended. Without the proper nutrients in your soil the earthworms, spiders, fungi, and beetles have a hard time existing. These organisms are important for proper aeration of the soil, allowing for plant root development and to provide additional nutrition to developing root systems. The topsoil we sell at River Valley Soil has been screened to exclude rocks and debris, but also to improve the fluff of the soil for new lawn germination. Additionally, our premium topsoil includes composted leaf matter that immediately increases the amount of available nutrients (nitrogen) for optimal root development.

Connecticut State Soil

Did you know the state of Connecticut, in addition to having a state bird, flower, tree, etc., has a state soil? It’s true, it’s called Windsor soil. It was named after the town of Windsor, the first English settlement in the state, and was a rich soil used for growing tobacco in the 1800’s. One hundred years later, our River Valley Premium Topsoil continues to help people grow a wide variety of crops.

Connecticut State Soil
Nutrient Rich Soil

Nutrient-Rich Soil

Annuals, perennials, and biennials oh my! No matter what you’re planting, make sure you start with nutrient-rich soil. Our finely screened, composted topsoil is mixed to include at least 6% organic leaf compost, allowing plants to quickly establish and thrive.

May Fertilizing

Mid-May is the optimal time to fertilize your lawn. Fertilize when the grass is dry, then water to keep the fertilizer from burning the grass. If you’re going to “top-dress” or add a layer of topsoil to improve the look of your grass, we can deliver it to your home before the weekend.

Fertilize in May
Sinking Gravel

Revitalize That Sinking Gravel

Every year that decorative gravel disappears into your soil just a little more. Is it time to freshen it up with a new layer of stone? Don’t break your axel, we can deliver decorative, crushed, driveway, or shed stone to your home.

Soil From Your Backyard Isn’t Great for Gardens

There is peace-of-mind in knowing where your food comes from. We’re seeing a lot of folks digging up their backyards to make room for a new garden. The soil you dig up may look like good soil to use in a garden, but it is probably lacking in the organic material needed for a nutrient-rich garden. That’s why it is recommended you add 6 inches of topsoil to your new garden. River Valley Soil has a Premium Topsoil perfect for gardens, get it delivered today!

Transplanting Seedlings?

Getting ready to transplant seedlings? If you’re installing a new garden, you’ll want at least 6 inches of topsoil. To turn that into yards, use our Material Calculator.

Determing How Much Soil You’ll Need

Not sure how much soil you need? Check out our Material Calculator online to help you determine how many yards you’ll need. Visit our home page and scroll to the bottom.

Yardage Calculator
Organic Infused Topsoil

What Exactly Is ‘Organic-Infused’ Topsoil?

We often get asked, “What exactly is ‘organic-infused’ topsoil?” To put it simply, our soil is mixed with bio-degraded leaf compost which enhances the “organic” content of the soil by releasing nutrients back into the soil. This provides further nutrition to growing plants. The organic matter of state-approved topsoil needs to be above 6% and should have a fairly neutral pH. That’s how we make our premium topsoil!

Resisting Pests & Diseases in Plants

Did you know organic topsoil can help plants resist pests and diseases? The nutrients and mineral-rich elements help your plants grow stronger cell wells, giving them added layers of protection from pests & disease. Order our organic-infused Premium Topsoil online and have a few yards delivered to your home.

Resist Bugs and Diseases

Rain Ruts & Chipmunk Holes

Rain ruts or chipmunk holes? There’s always some repair work to your yard that needs to be tended to after a long New England winter. Order a load of our organic-infused Premium Topsoil and we’ll deliver it to your door.

Got Moss?

Got moss in your grass? Try a little dishwashing soap mixed with water. Spray the mossy areas with the mixture, remove the dead moss and cover the bare spots with our Premium Topsoil and some grass seed and you’re on your way.

Got Moss

Kids Love Gardens

Kids at home with energy to burn? Start a garden with them! Let them dig in and get their hands dirty while learning the benefits of growing your own food.

Fresh Produce Out Your Back Door

When your trips to the grocery store are fewer these days, it can be disappointing if the produce you’re looking for isn’t up-to-par or is missing-in-action altogether. The best place to get fresh produce might be your own backyard. If you’re thinking about starting your own garden, we’ve got the soil to get you started. Our locally-made organic infused Premium Topsoil can be delivered direct to you.

Fresh Produce