The Sun is Shining in 2024!

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Sinking Gravel

You'll never buy topsoil from a landscape center again after you see our freshly mixed soil. Quick Delivery Options Available!

We make it Fresh 5 Days a Week! That’s right, Freshly turned and screened everyday to ensure that the soil is light and fluffy
to avoid large chunks and to ensure that the organics are evenly mixed.

What We Do

Spring of 2024!  If your lawn looks anything like ours, it’s probably a muddy mess. Get to your outdoor lawn repairs this spring with Holden Earth Products Premium blend of Screened Topsoil and replace the washed away organics this winter took from your lawns, gardens and flower beds. Holden Earth Products produces thousands of yards of dark rich organic infused loam from farmland soils in the Connecticut River Valley. Our topsoil is screened to remove rocks, sticks and other debris to make a soil that is perfect for growing “neighbor-envying” lawns!

We specialize in home delivery, having the ability to deliver 3 yards or 1000 yards to your home or building project. Check out our online order feature where you can easily select the type of topsoil, stone, or process you need to fix your lawn, install a new driveway or build a backyard shed. We’re open Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM and Saturdays 8AM to Noon.

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